The name Uniq Sensations originates in a desire of always being outstanding (uniq) and taking care to make a difference (sensations).  The art of limitations is often very difficult, but with a strong and severe feeling of working in an international environment too, the name Uniq Sensations was chosen.

Project Manager, Yvonna Nielsen, is founder and solely proprietor of the company and as such overall responsible for the company’s many and widely activities, performed both locally and abroad.

As company and legal adviser Uniq Sensations is working closely together with solicitor Henrik Mansfeldt Witt, who on December 1st, 2003 started his own company, Seavus Legal (www.seavuslegal.com).  Henrik Mansfeldt Witt is not just an ordinary solicitor; on the contrary he possesses a great knowledge of working with projects and more important an extraordinary understanding of the phases in a project.  This makes Henrik Mansfeldt Witt unique as a company adviser and working partner.

Uniq Sensations can be contacted either via email on uniqsensations@mail.dk or by phone: +45 30 24 68 09.